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Trois Fringed Straw Hat YESTADT MILLINERY Ilrb3a16QB
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Jan, My heart breaks for you. It IS terrible that our country’s medical professionals still are so clueless about this. And I am guessing our “normal” range hasn’t been changed because drug companies cannot make money off B12 deficiency. It disgusts me. I was lucky enough to have caught mine before, hopefully, any long term damage was done. I take cyanocobalamin shots too and it helped me and made my levels rise. I think if that works for you then don’t sweat it right away. You could try the sublingual methycobalamin in addition to it. I did that for a few months and I did not notice any great difference in how i felt. I had to add B-6 to get my foot numbness/pins and needles to get better. I only take 50 mg every night at bedtime for that and it worked well. I think the best thing we can do is be as vocal as possible both online and in person to spread awareness so that more and more people are educated and hopefully at some point someone will fund a study and prove that methyl is better than cyano and change the normal range as well.

At any rate, you are not alone and I hope things get better for you.


Thanks Mary. The really bad part of getting sick for me has been being my own Dr. I had to fight for the core needle biopsy, it could not be cancer, cancer does not look like that, and I lost both breasts, it was really aggressive. I had to fight for everything that has been done, do my own research, and now I will have to continue to do so. No one would listen about my heart. I had to fight to get the holter monitor, they treated it like it was nothing, but when my spouse turned the monitor in at noon, they called me and me in CCU by 2, and told me not to drive. I should have died. And, I have no heart disease, just electrical issues. Same for the brain tumor. Fight fight fight. What is wrong in this world? Sometimes, I just get tired and want to stop it all.


Hi Jen At the least, Enzymatic Therapy b12 infusion (1mg). Also Anabol Dibnecoplex. Put 1/4 of the mb12 under your top lip and about 1/6 of the capsule along the gum;ine along your lower lip. Let both st there for 2 hours. Also Metafolin (L-methylfolate) 800mcg. In 3 days it is highly likely that methylation will turn on starting up widespreqad healing in your body. At that point be sure th have potaqssium on hand and be prepared to t5ake 2000-3000mg of potassium daily in at least 5 doses, motstly with food and to tiyrate methylfolate to comfort of the other set of new ly intensified symtpoms. There is a post a ways up the page that distinguishes the two and has a lot of “IF” statements. Also all the usual vitamins and minerals and omega3 will either be supplemented or will run out and stop healing. SOme people need l-carnitine fumarate to really turn on healing BUT if a person has “anxiety” on a regular basis the person has to be very cautious with LCF and get specific very low titatration (100MCG) NOTmg.instructions. First there will be intesnsified neurology everything, that is normal. Then you will like feel quite sick on the third day and potassium and more metafolin woll help. Metafolin might need to go up to 15-30mg (worst form of paradoxical folate defciency folinic acid-veggie)), 6-9mg (middle severeity paradoxical folate deficiency folic acid) 2400mcg of Metafolin, normal folate utilization.

This is likely to work 100-10,000 times better than any “shots” for real b12 deficienciencoies, which you clearly have. You may start feeling the ENZY mb12 5 minutes after you put it in your mouth along your gum. I healed by the day. Good luck.


jen says

^ I’d definitely recommend doing this for your own marketing.

For about six months, we hosted a weekly Twitter chat. Six months deep, I wrote a quick survey and shared it with our Twitter chat participants.

I really wanted to know if any of them were more likely to buy CoSchedule because of thechat.

The results were a resounding no. Not a single participant was more likely to purchase CoSchedule because of participating in the chat.

At least, that’s what they told me. Literally.

So, as a matter of focus, we shut down #CoChat. It was sucking our resources into a project that was not delivering measurable results to our goals.

Stop what’s not working to refocus your efforts on what does.

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CoSchedule concentrates on providing value in every project we ship .

When we launched our Headline Analyzer the first time, wedidn’t have a way to capture email subscriber leads. When we saw the tool take off, we provided acontent upgrade in exchange for an email address.

The tool was valuable for our audience. For free. So we wanted to also have a way to continue to communicate with those folks.

That’s fair.

Here’s another example:We knewour audience loved getting free PDFs. Then we started experimenting more: Wouldn’t editable spreadsheets, Word docs, and slide decks be even more helpful? And what if we bundled more of those things together so instead of giving one thing away for free, we’d give away three, five, or heck, even 10?

^ Every time we gave away more helpful stuff, we converted more people.

Every time we gave away more helpful stuff, we converted more people.

When you provide something valuable, you, as a marketer, deserve to be rewarded in some way. Think about the conversions, the desirable action. You put in the work, you deserve something out of it.

Don’t be afraid to make the ask.

So whathave all of those stories + failurestaught us about overcoming the overwhelm?

People who write down goals are more likely to make them a reality.

Plan how you will execute a project. Then follow the plan. Leave out the frills and focus.

Garrett likes to say:

The simplest approach is often the best place to start.

Nail a core skill, then optimize further.

You don’t have to do everything to be successful. Instead of spreading yourself too thin,master a 10x project. Then scale it.

Being really good at one thing is better than being mediocre at many things.

Thought processes are easy to pass along to your team when you embrace easy-to-remember frameworks.

For example, the framework that drives our entire Demand Generation strategy is:

If we do those three things incredibly well, we win.Everyone on the team can repeat that framework to you if you were to ask. Could your marketing team benefit from a simple framework like that?

The Confluent Platform ships with the standard Java consumer first released in Kafka, the high-performance C/C++ client librdkafka , and clients for Python , and


The older Scala consumers are still supported for now, but they are not covered in this documentation, and we encourage users to migrate away from them. In particular, Kafka security extensions and the new broker based balanced consumer groups are not supported with the old consumers.

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A consumer group is a set of consumers which cooperate to consume data from some topics. The partitions of all the topics are divided among the consumers in the group. As new group members arrive and old members leave, the partitions are re-assigned so that each member receives a proportional share of the partitions. This is known as the group.

The main difference between the older “high-level” consumer and the new consumer is that the former depended on Zookeeper for group management, while the latter uses a group protocol built into Kafka itself. In this protocol, one of the brokers is designated as the group’s coordinator and is responsible for managing the members of the group as well as their partition assignments.

The coordinator of each group is chosen from the leaders of the internal offsets topic , which is used to store committed offsets. Basically the group’s ID is hashed to one of the partitions for this topic and the leader of that partition is selected as the coordinator. In this way, management of consumer groups is divided roughly equally across all the brokers in the cluster, which allows the number of groups to scale by increasing the number of brokers.

When the consumer starts up, it finds the coordinator for its group and sends a request to join the group. The coordinator then begins a group rebalance so that the new member is assigned its fair share of the group’s partitions. Every rebalance results in a new generation of the group.

Each member in the group must send heartbeats to the coordinator in order to remain a member of the group. If no hearbeat is received before expiration of the configured session timeout , then the coordinator will kick the member out of the group and reassign its partitions to another member.

Offset Management : After the consumer receives its assignment from the coordinator, it must determine the initial position for each assigned partition. When the group is first created, before any messages have been consumed, the position is set according to a configurable offset reset policy (). Typically, consumption starts either at the earliest offset or the latest offset.

As a consumer in the group reads messages from the partitions assigned by the coordinator, it must commit the offsets corresponding to the messages it has read. If the consumer crashes or is shutdown, its partitions will be re-assigned to another member, which will begin consumption from the last committed offset of each partition. If the consumer crashes before any offset has been committed, then the consumer which takes over its partitions will use the reset policy.

The offset commit policy is crucial to providing the message delivery guarantees needed by your application. By default, the consumer is configured to use an automatic commit policy, which triggers a commit on a periodic interval. The consumer also supports a commit API which can be used for manual offset management. In the examples below, we show several detailed examples of the commit API and discuss the tradeoffs in terms of performance and reliability.

When writing to an external system, the consumer’s position must be coordinated with what is stored as output. That is why the consumer stores its offset in the same place as its output. For example, a Kafka Connect connector populates data in HDFS along with the offsets of the data it reads so that it is guaranteed that either data and offsets are both updated, or neither is. A similar pattern is followed for many other data systems that require these stronger semantics, and for which the messages do not have a primary key to allow for deduplication.

This is how Kafka supports Galine Womens AnkleStrap JB Martin lNv5w0KqYy
in Kafka Streams, and the transactional producer or consumer can be used generally to provide exactly-once delivery when transferring and processing data between Kafka topics. Otherwise, Kafka guarantees at-least-once delivery by default, and you can implement at-most-once delivery by disabling retries on the producer and committing offsets in the consumer prior to processing a batch of messages.


The full list of configuration settings are available in the Kafka documentation Below we highlight several of the key configuration settings and how they affect the consumer’s behavior.

Core Configuration : The only required setting is , but we recommend always setting a since this allows you to easily correlate requests on the broker with the client instance which made it. Typically, all consumers within the same group will share the same client ID in order to enforce layered denim jeans Black Givenchy YFDsE

Group Configuration : You should always configure unless you are using the simple assignment API and you don’t need to store offsets in Kafka.

You can control the session timeout by overriding the value. The default is 30 seconds, but you can safely increase it to avoid excessive rebalances if you find that your application needs more time to process messages. This concern is mainly relevant if you are using the Java consumer and handling messages in the same thread. In that case, you may also want to adjust to tune the number of records that must be handled on every loop iteration. See basic usage below for more detail on this issue.

The main drawback to using a larger session timeout is that it will take longer for the coordinator to detect when a consumer instance has crashed, which means it will also take longer for another consumer in the group to take over its partitions. For normal shutdowns, however, the consumer sends an explicit request to the coordinator to leave the group which triggers an immediate rebalance.

The other setting which affects rebalance behavior is . This controls how often the consumer will send heartbeats to the coordinator. It is also the way that the consumer detects when a rebalance is needed, so a lower heartbeat interval will generally mean faster rebalances. The default setting is three seconds. For larger groups, it may be wise to increase this setting.

Offset Management : The two main settings affecting offset management are whether auto-commit is enabled and the offset reset policy. First, if you set (which is the default), then the consumer will automatically commit offsets periodically at the interval set by . The default is 5 seconds.

Second, use to define the behavior of the consumer when there is no committed position (which would be the case when the group is first initialized) or when an offset is out of range. You can choose either to reset the position to the “earliest” offset or the “latest” offset (the default). You can also select “none” if you would rather set the initial offset yourself and you are willing to handle out of range errors manually.

The Java consumer is constructed with a standard Properties file.


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