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Age of 8 and 10 is ideal for children to develop skills and teach them basketball techniques so that in future they can be proficient sportsman. Making children learn basketball techniques is very useful and helpful for them because in this way they will get acquainted not only with the fundamentals of game but also becomes confident and comfortable to play it skillfully in the years ahead. Drill for better performance and techniques to improve sports with professional training from school coach will make kids to comprehend the basics of basketball and will improve sportsmanship qualities in kids to play a good game. The skills, techniques and form practicing basketball remain with kids throughout their sport career.

Here are some steps consisting of motivating drills and proficient tips which are essential for basketball training for kids to make them an all-rounder sportsman.

1st Step “Organize Group”: Organizing children basketball group into sports league is very common way to make children learn about basketball. Kids learn essential basketball skills such as dribbling, passing and shooting. It’s important that children get full attention of coach and easier to understand methods to practice these skills because this will make them effective player and will led their strong foundation in the performance of game. Children divided in groups also learn to contribute their talent in the team strategies and cooperate in playing with team mates.

In league of younger children, use small basketball which weigh less and also lower the basket. Don’t start practicing with heavier. Move to goal in high loop and playing with heavier basketball gradually and steadily.

2nd Step “Understanding basics”: Dribbling and passing are necessary basics which children should learn about and practice thoroughly before moving to play game. Start with showing videos of famous athletes to develop and gain kids interest in them. To focus children attention towards the game is very important which can be fulfilling by visual demonstrations. After visual performances, move to enjoyable drills to absorb kids in learning basics of basketball.

Chair dribbling is an entertaining dribbling drill for children which they will want to perform inconsistently thus making kids to strengthen their dribbling skills. This fun and simple drill use chairs. Set up chairs with a distance of ten feet between each and instruct kids to motion in and out of the chairs. Start with a basic cross over and then progress in the drill to spinning. Change direction as they reach at a chair.

3rd Step “Shooting and passing”: Developing shooting form and then practicing shooting is the most important skill for a younger player to learn. It’s better to start developing a good shooting habit at a younger age than later. At young age children remember how to shoot basketball properly at the basket. The term “BEEF” is very easy abbreviation to make kids remember for better shooting. Its full form is balance, eyes straight on the target which is basket, elbows straight and follows through. Following is one of the best and fun to play shooting drill for kids. It requires kids to divide in two leagues with one team standing behind basket. Each player in both leagues is assign with same numbers and then a race is conduct between two same number players from each team towards the center of court to catch basketball first. The player who will reach basketball first will be given a point and then another point when he scores. Drill continues with same numbers players in each team. The league with most points will declare winner.

Good techniques are necessary for kids to polish their talent and to make them play smoothly with full coordination.

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